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Online School of Effective and Safe Stretching

How to do splits at home?

We know how to stretch effectively and, most importantly, safely for your whole body. All exercises are compiled by a practicing trainer of stretching, contain comprehensive knowledge, tips and recommendations for beginners. All exercises are anatomical, will not cause injuries and include description of the muscles that work. You will know exactly what happens to your body. We dispel many myths associated with stretching and tell the truth. You can also have an online consultation with the stretching instructor.

Online courses

Whole body express stretch

Mini course
Whole body express stretch

This short stretching course takes only 15 minutes but gives good results in 2 weeks of training. Work out with an instructor in a real-time video!

The express course on whole-body stretching can be done daily at any convenient time: as morning or evening exercises or after strength training.

Who will benefit from this course

  • those who care about their health.
  • those who have little free time but also a desire to develop flexibility.
  • athletes and dancers who work out to use as a warm-up and cooldown.
  • for those who are afraid of pain when stretching.
  • for those who are looking for simple solutions for effective stretching.

What is included in the Express course?

  • The course consists of an introductory theoretical video and a full lesson on stretching the entire body that is 15 minutes long. It includes a detailed explanation and demonstration of each exercise of the main complex, as well as 15 additional exercises to make training more diverse.
  • In this course, we stretch the top of the feet, legs (front and middle splits, folds), back, deltas, chest and neck muscles.
  • We alternate dynamic and static work, so the body warms up quickly and is ready for stretching.
  • We pay special attention to breathing, gaze, and compensation after stretching. These small, but very important nuances will allow you to feel the effect already in the first lesson.

The course "Whole Body Express stretching" will give you a boost of energy and a good mood. By the end of the course, you will feel that your body has become more flexible!

How to get into all splits

Online course
How to get into all splits

This video course will help you to gently and safely stretch three splits: right and left front and middle splits.

What is included in the course?

Video lessons of the theoretical part:

  1. Motivation to develop flexibility
  2. Stretching time
    - How long does it take to get into a split?
    - How long should you stretch in one day?
    - How often should you stretch?
    - When is it best to stretch: in the morning or evening?
    - What effect does the female cycle have on stretching?
  3. Anatomy of stretching
    - What do we stretch in splits?
    - The importance of each lesson for split stretching
  4. Effective and safe stretching
    - Warming up as an important part of the session
    - Reflexes for the benefit of your stretching
    - Breathing – your helper
    - Compensation at the end of the lesson
    - Safety comes first!
    - Additional equipment
    - Useful habits for progress in stretching
  5. Myths about stretching
  6. Theory of fold stretching
  7. Stretching front splits
  8. Specifics of middle split

Videos of the practical part:

  1. Lesson on stretching folds (40 minutes)
  2. Stretching front splits (30 minutes)
  3. Middle split (38 minutes)
  4. Bonus lesson on effective split stretching (10 minutes)

Practical part includes additional exercises for stretching which you can use to change or supplement the main lesson:

  • 9 fold exercises
  • 14 exercises for front splits
  • 13 exercises for middle split

Video lessons of the practical part are recorded in a convenient format. Stretch real-time by following the teacher’s detailed instructions.

Access to the course is unlimited, you can use it to stretch as long as you want, change the schedule on the site if necessary and track the results with photos.

Whom this course is suitable for

  • for those who want to safely and efficiently stretch home on their own
  • for beginners who consider themselves to be “wooden”
  • for athletes and dancers who need to develop flexibility
  • for those who can almost do a split but can not fully get into front split (the pelvis turns, the hind leg does not lie on the floor)
  • for stretching coaches to learn important nuances, gain new experience for safe teaching, and also to diversify their lessons with new sequences and exercises.
Safe scorpion stretch

Online course
Safe scorpion stretch

The “Safe Scorpion Stretch” video course will allow you to achieve a spectacular and complex acrobatic element – Scorpion step by step (from simple to complex), as well as, in general, significantly improve flexibility of your shoulders, thoracic and lumbar spine, which will be useful to you in many other elements. You will be able to significantly diversify and to improve your performance.

Scorpion is an element that has come to acrobatics and choreography from figure skating (Bilman). Bilman is a quick rotation when an athlete is holding their foot by the skate with both hands above their head in a deep bend and front split. It requires good flexibility. That is what we will work together on.

The course includes theoretical and practical parts.

In the theoretical part, we talk about the anatomy of stretching in an easy and accessible way, explain what muscles need to be stretched to achieve the result safely, how to use body resistance for stretching, and not to harm yourself. We will talk about the time that needs to be devoted to stretching and find solutions for people with limited time. We will reveal the secrets of simple but most effective methods of working with Scorpion. We talk about comfortable breathing during a stretching session. Your progress will be noticeable after the first few classes if the instructor’s recommendations are followed. We will teach how to finish a session safely in order to reduce the resistance of the body and not to regress and get disappointed. We will talk about the safety of working with the back, about strengthening back muscles. Consider common myths about stretching. You will find answers to many of your questions, and you can also consult an experienced specialist if you have any questions after the course.

The video lessons of the second part of the course are recorded in a convenient format. The course consists of XXX lessons and a small gift that will be described later.

You can train by following detailed instructions of the competent teacher and clearly see a demonstration of the correct exercise.

The lessons have a logical order, a soft transition, are explained in detail and alternate in difficulty. You should proceed to the next lesson only after easily completing the previous one, and if you can perform the instructor\"s tasks without resistance and pain, breathing normally. The recommended time for each lesson – from 4 weeks (subject to work 3 times a week). You can choose your individual schedule on our site.

Work to achieve Scorpion effectively combined with stretching front splits and folds. If you do not know how to stretch them, you can purchase the appropriate course on our website at a nice price.

The instructor's individual recommendations for breathing, tension/relaxation of certain muscles, hips positioning and gaze direction are important. Please pay special attention to these recommendations, they can be key to the effectiveness of your lesson, with their help you will achieve the desired result faster and safer.

And now, as promised, a pleasant addition to the course is a bonus lesson in strengthening core muscles (a set of muscles responsible for stabilizing and healthy functioning of the spine, pelvis, and hips). This is an important addition to your workout, to maintain health with significant loads on the spine.

Whom this course is suitable for

  • athletes and dancers, who are on the way to achieving their cherished goal – to perform a complex acrobatic element Scorpion (Bilman).
  • Stretching coaches to learn important nuances of stretching, to get a new experience for safe classes, to diversify their lessons with new sequences, exercises, to make discoveries.
  • for those who are interested in learning new things about the possibilities of their bodies.

Additional stretching exercise packs

Whom it's suitable for

These courses will suit you if:

  • You want to get into the splits as soon as possible
  • You want to do the trick in the new amplitude
  • You want to get stretching exercises that actually work!

Get coach support and secrets of effective stretching. Move step by step to the result!


Our advantages

theory and practice

Theory and practice of stretching

  • Courses divided into theoretical and practical parts for understanding the process of stretching.
  • The theory explains in detail the techniques, anatomy, tools, effective stretching.



  • All courses are built taking into account anatomy.
  • Explains in detail what happens to the body and muscles.
  • Stretching occurs without tears and injuries.
  • Use body resistance to help.


Progress tracking

You can see your results from the "before" and "after" photos that are convenient to upload to the site.

with trainer


Just turn on the video, watch the exercises, listen the instructor and stretch with pleasure.

training calendar


Choose convenient training days and stretch regularly on the website schedule.



You acquire not only the courses themselves, but also the opportunity to get advice from professionals. Use training as efficiently as possible!

Experienced instructor

Experienced instructor

Yana Usakova

Three college degrees, including field-specific exercise science degree and additional education in psychology consultation.

Additional education in stretching, fitness, yoga:

  • International Dance and Performance Center "Tsekh", Moscow (2012)
  • Educational Center «Фитнесовъ project», Saint-Petersburg (2013)
  • «Yoga Inside» (2014)
  • «Fitness Profi», Saint-Petersburg (2015)
  • Therapeutic Yoga Community of Saint-Petersburg (2016)
  • Signature course "Effective flexibility" by Gleb Mazaev (2016)
  • «Prana», Moscow (2017)

Yana has been doing artistic gymnastics since she was 8 years old, started dancing in 1995. She has been a principal performer of contemporary dance theater since 2010.

Started training others in acrobatics, stretching, and fitness in 2010.

She has been an instructor and training specialist of fitness club "Pride" since 2012.


Ekaterina Subbotina

Ekaterina Subbotina

Stretching when you are 30+ and not flexible is actually difficult, but possible.

After an unsuccessful experience with a stretching instructor, I looked through a lot of information on the Internet, stretched myself, bought online courses ...

So, I have experience even in online courses.

What I want to say and note specifically about these online courses, how to get into all splits !?

  1. Design. Everything is clear, accessible, there is a class calendar, you can upload photos ...
  2. Theory. A very important part of the program (I had to read it, generalize from various, possibly unverified sites)
  3. The breathing technique. So important!!!!!
  4. A clear explanation of the technique! Before that, I stretched and did not understand what should stretch, how to get into it correctly ...
  5. Training takes place in a calm environment, with a pleasant voice, the body automatically relaxes!)

Thank you so much for this course !!!! It helped me a lot !!! I recommend it to everyone !!!

Tatyana Voitovichi

Tatyana Voitovichi

I want to thank the creator of the express stretching program.

I do this program every training session both after a pole workout and after the marathon.

Of course, the 15 min format and working on all muscles is very convenient, but the main thing is that the method of dynamic stretching gives its results. The split itself has become deeper and my upper back has become more flexible and there is practically no muscle pain even after a very intense workout. For every exercise, the trainer gives an explanation of technique and breathing.

I am very pleased with the program and recommend it to everyone.

Thank you!

Maria Savchenko

Maria Savchenko

I want to leave a review about Stretching Express Course. When I learned about it at first, I did not do it because I was too lazy))) and that is too bad. I tried it after a while without a warm-up and in place of the morning exercises (I got tired of the usual dynamic routines, I wanted something pleasant in the morning). To my surprise, this course worked well as a morning routine but if you do it as a separate class, then doing it 2-3 times is perfect. The muscles stretch gently, my fold improved already on the 3rd day. Breathing combined with the right technique is amazing. I’m very happy and will continue to do it. Thanks again for your contribution to my health, technique, and stretching.

Luba Glage

Luba Glage

Good afternoon! I want to share my experience with the online course "how to get into all splits." After I started practicing pole, it became clear that splits are necessary ... I was lucky to be a part of this course. What did I like? There is a separate video for every split, special attention is paid to the theory, which is important. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, ends with a cooldown. All exercises are described in detail and demonstrated. There are options for stretches if something does not work out right away. I personally stretch very slowly on my right side, but there is something to work on. The goal is to be able to do splits by the end of the year, and I'm sure that I can do it with such trainers and exercises! The main thing is not to stop here! Thanks a lot to the developers of the course.

Elvira Mustafina

Elvira Mustafina

Good afternoon! My review of the course.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the test group! I am very pleased with the result obtained in 2 months of work!

The set of exercises offered in the course is very effective and efficient. I would like to point out what I liked the most. Firstly, attention was paid to breathing when stretching, so I learned how to breathe and relax properly, and my muscles stretched even better. Secondly, recommendations about what muscles need to be flexed, the muscles really started to work better.

Now about the website. Everything is well done, convenient, there is a calendar where you can mark training dates, as well as track progress by uploading photos before and after. Everything is done so well that you want to log in and stretch!

I certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be able to do splits.

Anastasia Snyder

Anastasia Snyder

I was a part of a test group of the course "How to get into all splits" and I can already feel positive changes. The course contains a lot of useful information: Yana explains stretching theory in detail and busts a lot of myths. That information helped a lot in practice. Every class consists of a warm-up, stretching and compensation. Yana gives detailed description of the correct positioning in every stretch and pays special attention to breathing. As a result, I feel that I finally stretch correctly, it is now easier to stretch and, most importantly, I started to enjoy it! Consistency is important. The system is very convenient as you have the ability to mark stretching sessions on the calendar, add progress photos and every video has a detailed description, so you can use it when you can't play the video. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to stretch correctly and enjoy it.

Alena Sytnik

Alena Sytnik

I always dreamed of doing splits but there was fear (fear of stretching incorrectly and injuring myself), laziness (can't do without it). I was offered an express stretch course, I stretched 15 minutes a day, and now, after a month or two, the space between me and the floor was reduced by 50%. Someone would say it's little but for me it is awesome!)) The voice in the lesson is very pleasant, you are instructed what to do, what to pay attention to and most importantly how to breathe correctly, because proper breathing is the key to success! I liked the course, I will continue to stretch because there are only some 50% left, just a little bit)

Natalya Stepanova

Natalya Stepanova

We all want to have a beautiful fit body with minimal effort so Power Marathon is exactly what you need. you can choose the training schedule you prefer. short and very effective. but after strength training you want to stretch .... so there’s also a video course for express stretching. in 15 minutes we stretch different muscle groups, including splits, front and middle, and also back. I like that the workouts are short which means you can do them daily, you train with Alesya, and it's more fun together



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