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How to get into all splits

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This video course will help you to gently and safely stretch three splits: right and left front and middle splits.

What is included in the course?

Video lessons of the theoretical part:

  1. Motivation to develop flexibility
  2. Stretching time
    - How long does it take to get into a split?
    - How long should you stretch in one day?
    - How often should you stretch?
    - When is it best to stretch: in the morning or evening?
    - What effect does the female cycle have on stretching?
  3. Anatomy of stretching
    - What do we stretch in splits?
    - The importance of each lesson for split stretching
  4. Effective and safe stretching
    - Warming up as an important part of the session
    - Reflexes for the benefit of your stretching
    - Breathing – your helper
    - Compensation at the end of the lesson
    - Safety comes first!
    - Additional equipment
    - Useful habits for progress in stretching
  5. Myths about stretching
  6. Theory of fold stretching
  7. Stretching front splits
  8. Specifics of middle split

Videos of the practical part:

  1. Lesson on stretching folds (40 minutes)
  2. Stretching front splits (30 minutes)
  3. Middle split (38 minutes)
  4. Bonus lesson on effective split stretching (10 minutes)

Practical part includes additional exercises for stretching which you can use to change or supplement the main lesson:

Video lessons of the practical part are recorded in a convenient format. Stretch real-time by following the teacher’s detailed instructions.

Access to the course is unlimited, you can use it to stretch as long as you want, change the schedule on the site if necessary and track the results with photos.

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