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The “Safe rear tightening” video course will allow you, step by step (from simple to complex), to achieve a spectacular and complex acrobatic element – rear tightening, as well as, in general, significantly improve the flexibility of the shoulder girdle, thoracic and lumbar spine, which will be useful to you in many other elements. You will be able to significantly diversify and to improve your perfomance.

Rear tightening is an element that has come to acrobatics and choreography from figure skating (Bilman). Bilman is a quick rotation, holding the leg for a fad with both hands above the head in a deep trough and longitudinal splits. Requires good flexibility athlete. That is what we will work together on.

The course includes theoretical and practical parts.

In the theoretical part, we will tell you in an easy and accessible way about the anatomy of stretching, explain what muscles need to be stretched to achieve the result safely, how to use body resistance for stretching, and not to damage health. We will talk about the necessary time that should be given to stretching and find compromise solutions for people with limited time. We will reveal to you the secrets of simple but most effective methods of working with the rear inhaling, we will tell you about comfortable breathing during a workout. Your progress will be noticeable after the first classes in case of instructor’s recommendations are accurately followed. We will teach you to finish the lesson safely, in order to reduce the resistance of the body and not to regress and disappoint. We will talk about the safety of working with the back, about strengthening the muscles of the back. Consider common myths about stretching. You will find answers to many of your questions, and you can also consult an experienced specialist if you have any questions after the course.

The video lessons of the second part of the course are recorded in a convenient format. The course consists of XXX lessons and a small gift, which will be described later.

You can train by following the detailed instructions of the competent teacher and clearly see a demonstration of the correct exercise.

The lessons are made up logically, with a soft transition, explained in detail, alternating in degree of difficulty. You should proceed to the next lesson only after easily completing the previous one, and if you can perform the instructor tasks without resistance and pain, with free breathing. The recommended time for each lesson – from 4 weeks (subject to work 3 times a week). You can choose your individual schedule on our site.

Work to achieve the rear tightening effectively combined with stretching the longitudinal splits and folds. If you do not know how to stretch them, you can purchase the appropriate course on our website at a nice price.

Very important individual instructor recommendations for breathing, tension / relaxation of certain muscles, the position of the pelvis, the direction of gaze. Please pay special attention to these recommendations, they can be key to the effectiveness of your lesson, with their help you will achieve the desired result faster and safer.

And now, as promised, a pleasant addition to the course is a bonus lesson in pumping the core muscles (a set of muscles responsible for stabilizing and healthy functioning of the spine, pelvis and hips). This is an important addition to your workout, to maintain health with significant loads on the spine.

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