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Injuries while stretching

January 12 2020 at 15:18

Hello! Let's talk about safe stretching. The topic is important and painful for many. Including me: I had an injury of the back of my thigh, which bothered me for several years.

It all happened when the coach pushed me from above into a split. I tore my hamstring. This is one of the most common trauma when stretching, you may have heard of it or you have come across it yourself. I had pain in the back of the thigh under the glute, this injury is often accompanied by a crunching sound.

I tried not to stretch, used ointments, then strengthened the muscle. Then I began to stretch gently, but still, the pain did not go away. For about 7-8 years. It hurt me not only when stretching, but sometimes I felt pain when walking or shot through when I was sitting, lying.

I think this is not normal. No progress in stretching is worth torn ligaments, tears, sprains and tears, suffering in the class. I believed that there was a way to stretch safely and effectively...

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