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Let’s talk about pain in stretching

March 26 2020 at 10:18

I do not trust slogans that promise one to get into splits without any pain!

But there are different kinds of pain.

There is pain that can be handled (when it’s possible to control your breathing, there is no sweating, clenching teeth and your face stays relaxed).

And there is pain that makes a moment seem like eternity and is impossible to endure. When motivated some athletes are ready to pay the price.

I believe that the most effective stretching is in a borderline feeling of comfort and discomfort. Pleasant pain so to say. In this case your nervous system gets a signal from your even breathing that there is no danger, weakens defense reflex in muscle contraction and lets your muscle reach a new amplitude remembering it as safe. This will allow to get back to this amplitude the next time and move forward. Thus, step by step, you will reach your goals. There is no way to do it without any pain.

Stretching instructor – Yana Ushakova

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